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Dolcetto, 1993

Conte Lorenzo Sormanni

A native black grape variety of Northern Italy grown almost exclusively in the provinces of Cuneo and Alessandria in Piedmont. It is relatively easy to cultivate, although it is susceptible to fungal diseases. It ripens before Barbera and Nebbiolo and is often grown in high north-facing sites which would be unsuitable for Nebbiolo. The finest Dolcetto wines come from grapes grown on soils rich with white marls, especially those found on the right bank of the River Tauro. The wines generally are low in tannins and acidity and are usually fruity and fragrant, often with hints of almonds.

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Domaine de Chevalier, 1993

Graves Pessac-Leogan

Excellent complex nose, medium to high intensity, red bell pepper, roasted vegetables, earth and cherry fruit; a full bodied wine with some minerality, excellent fresh acidity and ripe red fruit. Ready to drink now.

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Grignolino, 1993


The Grignolino wines have a light ruby red color, tending to orange with aging. Have a characteristic odor and delicate in the mouth are dry, slightly tannic, bitter pleasant, with a characteristic aftertaste.

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Marquis de Caussade, 1993

Vintage Armagnac

Amber core with a bronze rim; shows mellow walnut, warm spices, cocoa and prunes on the nose. Mellow attack on the palate finishing on a delicious freshness and texture.

Armagnac is a grape brandy produced in the Gascony region of south-west France, as it has been since at least the 15th century. A fuller-bodied (some would say rustic) style of brandy when compared to Cognac, it is only distilled once and is often aged for many years (decades in some cases) and makes an excellent digestif.

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Pol Roger, 1993

Pol Roger Cuvee Sir Winston Churchill in presentation box

Super-fine bubbles. Aromas of toast, honey, hazelnuts, stone fruit and a little bit of mushroom and floral notes. Rich and full-bodied on the palate with a round and smooth mouthfeel. Good balancing acidity and a very long finish.

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Pommard, 1993

Pommard 1er cru Rugiens, Aleth Leroyer-Girardin

An elegant nose of deeply pitched red berry, plum and floral aromas are quite earthy with notes of jerky, herbs and a sauvage hint that continues onto the delicious, powerful and full-bodied flavors brimming with an intense minerality on the seductively detailed, pure and lingering finish.

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Recioto, 1993


"Recioto," as in "Recioto della Valpolicella," refers to a dessert wine made from grapes that were dried on mats after picking. This process turns the grapes closer to raisins, concentrating the flavors. The wines are lovely and taste how you'd expect raisins-turned-wine to taste, rich and sweet.

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Sangiovese di Romagna, 1993


Good-quality Sangiovese is prized for its high acid, firm tannins and balanced nature. Savory flavors of dark cherries and black stone fruit are characteristic, and may be backed by secondary notes of tomato leaf and dried herbs. The use of oak has become more popular and this coaxes richer flavors from the grapes, tending toward plum and wild raspberry.

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Spanna, 1993

La Cacciatora

Spanna has often been cited by wine experts as one of Italy’s greatest ageing wines. Spanna’s longevity can be attributed, at least in part, to the addition of smaller amounts of less tannic, more acidic grape varieties. Tasting notes: The nose opens up beautifully after about an hour and the wine has gorgeous ripe and sweet fruit, nice acidity, and perfectly softened tannins.

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St. Magdalener, 1993

St. Michael

St. Magdalena is an area covering the lower, south-facing slopes above Bozen-Bolzano. The “Kienaster” vineyard where this particular wine comes from is situated near the village of St. Pauls. It is made from the Vernatsch-Schiava grape and a very small proportion of Lagrein. The extremely favourable climatic conditions combined with very steep vineyards result in a dark ruby wine, finely scented, soft and velvety on the palate.

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